Curtain Fabrics

At Riteway, we always say that curtains reflect your personality and style. And whether your style is traditional or contemporary, we have a wide range of options for you!


Block it out

Blockout curtains are still a popular choice for window treatments as they offer great insulation properties; they give you complete control over light levels and regulate room temperature.

Sheer Elegance

Sheers are not only on trend but they have found a new lease on life!

They’re versatile; they soften the room and provide privacy without compromising views.  They are also great for draping large areas due to the continuous lengths.

You can chose from a wide range of patterns and colours to complement your design aesthetic.

New generation softweave

‘Softweave’ is the new boy/girl on the block, some may call it tripleweave as it is three layers of fibre woven together. The middle layer is black which gives the fabric room darkening properties. It drapes amazingly, sews beautifully and has excellent after care – wash and re-hang!

Spoilt for choice

We offer a large range of designer fabrics including jacquards, plains, florals, naturals and modern designs. We can access any fabric from all the major fabric houses.

Whether you’re after draping for formal living areas or something cute and quirky for your kid’s rooms – we have the fabric for you!