Curtain Headings

You can decide on your style of pleating ranging from s-fold, triple pinch pleat, knife pleat, pencil pleat, plus more!


S is for sleek!

S-Fold drapery (otherwise known as S-Wave drapery) provides a more modern, contemporary look and feel. This type of heading really showcases the fabric in your drapery as it hangs in wide, even folds.


Traditional and timeless

Treat your windows with a traditional and timeless look with triple pinch pleat. This style of heading is created by groups of triple pleats, spaced evenly along the curtain.


Neat Pleat

Knife pleat heading is a neat and simple curtain heading suitable for both lined or sheer drapes.  Traditionally, we use knife pleat headings for the linings which sit behind sheer curtains because the pleats sit flat and stack compactly when open.