Curtain Tracks

Tracks are the important finishing touches that can help to give your window areas added style and sophistication. Whether you’re after a bold feature track or something more discrete, we have a wide range of options for you!

The right track

When choosing the right track, you need to consider what style of track you’re after.  A standard track is a simpler track whereby your curtains become the main feature, whereas  a decorative track creates an added feature to your curtains.

It also depends on the style of curtain heading you have chosen such as S-fold or triple pinch pleat.

Stacks of tracks

Choose curtain tracks that are hand drawn, cord drawn or motorised.

You can also choose from single or double tracks. Traditionally, double tracks are used when there is a sheer and blockout combination.

You’ll also need to decide whether the curtains are drawn (left, right or middle), as well as where the curtains are going to be fitted (face, ceiling or the new ceiling recessed).

Options galore

Our custom made tracks come in a variety of colours.  They can also fit any window shape including bay windows and curved windows. We also provide options for hospitals, office spaces, media and theatre rooms.

We’re here to help you! Pop into one of our showrooms or arrange a consultation to take place in the comfort of your own home.