Modern Roman Shades

Explore our take on a traditional blind with Luxaflex® Modern Roman Shades. Using exclusive premium fabrics and our seamless operating systems, Luxaflex® Modern Roman Shades are also designed with child safety in mind.

Verve and variety

Luxaflex Modern Roman Shades are available in a breadth of fabrics that capture all moods, textures and styles. With 11 fabric ranges, which consist of 72 timeless colours available in room darkening and translucent opacities, Luxaflex Modern Roman Shades add an element of contemporary design to any home.

Form and function

We care about your peace of mind. The Modern Roman Shades range offers a variety of child-safe options and operating systems for you to choose from, including EasyRise, LiteRise, PowerView® or ULTRAGLIDE® Lifting Systems. Our shades have no exposed cords on the back of any of the operating systems available with this product, providing added safety if you have children and pets.

Style master

Modern Romans also come in a range of styles, including Traditional, Tailored, Tiered or Traversed, providing the best solution for your home’s design and allowing better control of light, privacy and child safety.

Neat package

Unlike typical soft Roman Shades, our rear cordless design allows for a clean, discreet appearance. Trouble-free operating systems ensure a smooth, uniform look without the lift cords dangling or pooling on the back of the operating system; and no exposed cords.