Perfect Fit Blinds

As tilt and turn windows (otherwise known as uVPC windows) are becoming increasingly popular in new builds, we now offer solutions called the Perfect Fit Blinds.

Pleated and cellular designs

The Perfect Fit blinds, which come in a range of pleated and cellular designs, are unique because the blind fits neatly into a stylish frame which moves together with the windows (whether they are opened and closed). This gives you the perfect combination of covering coupled with ventilation.



Whether you’re purchasing a blind for your living room, kitchen or conservatory, our Perfect Fit roller blinds prove the ideal choice.  They are can be done in a traditional blockout, sunscreen or translucent fabrics with fully enclosed systems without any chains.

Perfect Fit, No Mess

What’s more, the Perfect Fit system is designed to be installed without screwing or drilling – leaving no mark on your tilt ‘n’ turn windows.

Come into our showroom today to see what perfectly fits your home!