PolySatin Shutters

Luxaflex Polysatin Shutters bring a touch of understated elegance to any interior with their soft, matte lustre – similar to fresh paint.

Hinging on perfection

There are a range of unconventional situations well suited to PolySatin Shutters. Standard Hinged Systems can consist of one or more shutter panels hinged in a variety of configurations. Single panels can be individually hinged or two panels may be hinged together from the frame in a Hinged Bi-Fold design. Bi-Fold on Track Systems allow up to eight panels to be hinged together. And shutter panels in a By-Pass Track System slide on top tracks to open and close. The By-Pass System allows you to cover wide widths.

20 year warranty

Our trademarked PolySatin finish is a revolutionary technology that combines the beautiful look of a finely painted shutter with the unmatched durability of polyresin. Shutters stand up to the toughest conditions, yet are easy to care for and maintain – and come backed with our famous 20 year Warranty*.

Tilt options

Achieve a stylish look along with beauty, durability, style and reliability. PolySatin™ Shutters come in traditional form, or with our patented Clearview Tilt Bar – here, hidden louvre joiners provide an unobstructed view, giving our classic shutters a clean and contemporary look.

Then there’s SmartView™ – a patented gear-driven system for one-touch control and an unobstructed view. This system completely eliminates the traditional rear or front tilt bar, and with no cords, it’s the perfect child and pet-friendly option.


Luxury and style

Choose from a delightful assortment of sophisticated designs and customise to your own needs. Shutters are available in three classic shades of white, plus stylish valances, distinctive frames, three unique louvre sizes and tasteful hinge finishes. Louvres can be rotated 180 degrees to open or fully close in both directions.